An avid Cincinnati DJ, notoriously known to throw the whole kitchen sink at the dance floor.

CLeaR aka Chris L. Riley, grew up in Cincinnati, OH. Inspired by Hip Hop acts in the early 80's such as UTFO, Whodini, Run DMC, and Afrika Bambaataa, he fell in love with synths, beats and a DIY attitude. His continued education came in the form of Techno. Acts such as Aphex Twin, Praga Kahn, 808 State, Moby, and Utah Saints elevated his love for dance music. During this same time Industrial music found it's way into his catalogue. It’s raw sound and big beats fused the attitude of Hip Hop and the tempo of Techno. These three styles of music all had one thing in common: A focus on beat construction and technology.

Many clubs, raves, and millions of beats later, CLeaR took the free-fall dive into DJing. Not wanting to be held down by one style, CLeaR threw out the rules. With a passion for all music, he layers many genres into one mix. Not exclusively Top 40 or strictly underground, his sets have something for everyone in the crowd. If not, let him know, he probably has it.